Optimized Public Relations: How to use PR to maximize SEO impact

Using SEO in public relations improves search engine rankings and increases website traffic.

When we talk about public relations, we generally associate it with benefits such as brand awareness, visibility of the business and products/services, as well as reputation management. However, few know that public relations is no longer just a method of driving earned media, and now goes beyond helping to achieve other goals of a marketing strategy.

The inseparable dumbbell of SEO, has made public relations a strategic tool for companies to reach the target audience in the right place and time, improve search engine optimization and increase traffic to the website.

Here are some ways SEO optimized PR can help your business stand out and grow stronger.

SEO optimized content increases organic digital footprint

SEO optimized content, with search intent keywords, is the raw material for earned media. This content, placed on third-party sites, helps increase the organic footprint and thus increases brand visibility by making it more recognizable.

Better ranking in search ranking leads to higher brand awareness

Businesses need to find effective ways to position their brand higher and higher in terms of online search rankings. This is important to increase the chances of your brand being discovered. Through the optimization of content and promotional actions, public relations help raise the ranking of your brand.

Backlinks increase domain rating and authority for higher visibility

The links or backlinks of a digital space with high domain authority are an essential factor of SEO that drives the ranking in the first places in search engine results. The higher the domain authority, the better the ranking. A link building strategy helps your brand rank higher in search results, achieving higher visibility, while driving web traffic with every click.

Online mentions and backlinks improve reputation

Online brand mentions and backlinks on trusted and reputable outlets can help improve the authority of your website, as well as increase overall brand awareness and increase authority and trust. Today PRs have a wide range of action, so their efforts are aimed at promoting mentions on different platforms and communication channels; This means that they can promote anything from a post in an online medium to a positive mention made by an organic micro-influencer on their social networks (digital PR).

Guest blogging boosts SEO and helps build relationships

Guest blogging (guest blogs) is an effective and essential public relations strategy for the good performance of a company’s SEO. When you write good quality articles to post on blogs and other reputable, high domain authority external sites, you create backlinks that will drive high quality traffic to your own website, increase search engine rankings and, At the same time, you will increase credibility and authority online, and build relationships with relevant people and organizations, organic micro-influencers, and bloggers.

Leveraging SEO-leading public relations strategies makes your content more visible and discoverable in search engines, where consumers are constantly searching for what they need.

Although SEO and PR is not all that is required for a successful marketing campaign, the truth is that it is a key factor to boost results, in a world where digital is already part of daily life and online search is has become the consumer’s key to navigation.

Organizations that take an integrated approach (owned, earned, shared, and paid media) will increase visibility, lead generation, and business growth.

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