A Beginners Guide to USA Education

Studying in the US is the best way to improve your survival skills. It will improve your social, academic and work opportunities. Therefore, if you are thinking of studying in the USA, keep reading. This article will give you the main reasons why it is a great idea to study in this country. we need … Read more

Top Reasons to choose Canada for Study

Canada is arguably the best country for international students to study and settle. In fact, according to the World Bank, it ranks first among Asian countries in attracting international students. And with an average tuition of $3,000 (public), $2,000 (private) per year, you get a quality education for free out of your own pocket. Do … Read more

Career Opportunities After Studying in USA

A degree from world-class universities in the US broadens the scope of careers. For example, an environmental scientist might find themselves in a position to advise on potential dangers to people and the environment rather than just monitoring data collected by scientific instruments. Or an architect who worked on the World Trade Center site could … Read more