Little Girl Gives Cupcake To Favorite Garbage Man And Receives A Surprise 6 Months Later

Many young people fall in love with local employees. Some choose to be firefighters. Others will see a policeman. But for Brooklyn of Bloomington, Illinois, it was garbage collector Delvar Deshawn Dopson. He waited by the window every day for him to come by with his truck and take out the garbage.

Every Thursday, Dopson used to make the rounds for him. When Brooklyn saw him, he waved and said hi. He always returned the gesture and smiled in response. The young woman was always a bright spot on her day, so he was even more surprised when she decided to give him a present on her birthday.

Traci Andracke, the Brooklyn mother, understood how much Dopson meant to her son and would occasionally take her around the block if they missed her visit to her home. Andracke referred to Dopson as “Brooklyn’s favorite big happy dumpster” in an interview with The Huffington Post.

To thank the garbage collector for all of his hard work, Brooklyn’s only birthday wish at the age of three was to give him one of his unique cupcakes. The little girl decided that she would like to give Dopson a beautiful fairy cupcake as a surprise.

Brooklyn’s mother posted the heartwarming scene on Facebook. She remembered calling Dopson and seeing him come down the street waving as usual. As soon as she got out of her truck, Brooklyn began to feel uncomfortable and offered her the cupcake she had been holding for him.

This eventually led to the family and their dumpster starting a new tradition, and they’ve been sharing beautiful memories ever since.

Andracke took the time to convey to Dopson how delighted her daughter is with her weekly visits, and he was touched to say that she also looks forward to seeing them every Thursday.

Brooklyn was over the moon on April 7, 2016, when she was able to give Dopson a cupcake in honor of his birthday. As a mother, Andracke commented, “I can’t even express how happy it made me that she finally met him. She was completely speechless due to her fascination with the stars. She needed me to do all the talking. Also, she is rarely at a loss for words.

Brooklyn, however, turned to her mother after Dopson left and said, “Mommy, I’m so excited.” Although the experience was brief, it left a lasting impression.

Dopson made the decision to return the favor six months later by surprising Brooklyn and his brother Ty on his birthday with cupcakes and gifts. The custom has now persisted, and Dopson and Brooklyn’s family have no plans to stop. The family thanks their new friend, whom they met thanks to the kind act of his daughter.

Andracke gushed over how “amazed” she was by the positive response to Brooklyn and Dopson’s adorable reunion. She pronounced:

“I would like people to keep in mind that making a modest gesture, such as honking, waving or smiling, does not require much effort. Do it now. Give someone a helping hand or a smile for a while longer. You never know who will be touched by that smile and how much it could make their day.