Mom Without Arms Raising Daughter Inspires Thousands And Won’t Let Anything Hold Her Back

Sarah Talbi is an armless mom raising her daughter Lila while inspiring thousands and letting nothing stop her. She does everything with her feet and with joy.

Sarah cooks, cleans, puts on makeup and can even write with her feet. For her, this is normal because she doesn’t know anything different. She was born without arms and has carried the perspective that “some people have arms and some don’t”.

She was self-sufficient when she was two years old and she could do almost anything anyone else could do, but she was frustrated when she became a mother. Through her journey of needing help, God used her frustrations to inspire others and educate them about life without limbs.

Mom without arms inspires so many
Now she has a following of thousands of people. But for her, that is not the greatest achievement of hers. her daughter is

“It is a great achievement to become a mother,” she said. “It’s my best achievement… But my disability had to adapt to having a baby. Now I have two years of experience and I can do everything with my daughter. She takes my sleeve as we walk down the street. incredible. She holds it like a hand.”

Through her humble journey of asking for help, the armless mother found freedom by accepting her limitations. Isn’t that an amazing prospect? It is much like being sons and daughters of Christ when we choose to surrender to our Savior, he sets us free through his love.

It is absolutely inspiring to learn about Sarah and see her overcome her differences as she lives her life in the abundant joy God has given her through motherhood.

May this story and Sara’s tenacious spirit be a reminder that we can do anything in Christ.