Boy, 7, cries tears of joy when he gets a puppy – tells him ‘I am your bestest friend now’

Jensen Stuart was having a rough week at school and came home crying most nights.

His concerned mother, Rebecca Browne, told the Daily Mail that he had the best parents after she surprised her grandson with something that left him in tears of happiness.

The 7-year-old from Doncaster, England, was surprised to find the cutest four-legged friend in a box that he could see every time he visited his grandparents.


Fortunately, his reaction was caught on camera.

Jensen would have done well with a friend after a rough week at school left him crying most nights when his mom came to pick him up.

But everything changed when he came home from school one night to find his grandmother and grandfather waiting with a box for him to open.

His grandfather says, “Guess what? Your Nan and I have something for you.

When he opens it and sees that it is an adorable little black puppy, he runs to give his grandmother the biggest hug while her mother takes the hound out of her box. Seeing the puppy, Jensen breaks down crying.

Buddy, the boy’s new friend
Jensen says to his adorable new friend, “I’m Jensen, your best friend now.”

His grandmother says that the puppy will stay at his house and that she can come and play with him whenever she wants.

His mom posted the video of sweet Jensen and his new friend on Facebook saying his son was “absolutely ecstatic and he couldn’t wait to sleep at Nans tomorrow to play with his ‘Buddy.'”

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