Groom Fighting Stage 4 Cancer Gets Married In Hospital, And Then Doctors Have Amazing News

There is something about wedding vows that speaks of the deep love we feel when we find our life partner, no matter how long or short our time is, and this sweet story tells of a cancer patient who gets married in the hospital The groom was fighting stage Four cancers get married in the hospital and then the doctors have amazing news.

I imagine the vows, “Till death do us part,” took on a new and precious meaning for Zack and Madison Stroup. Zach had been battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Crohn’s disease. Zach and Madison started out in life like many couples do. They met in high school and a few years later, they found love.

The couple thought they had the whole world at their feet as they began to build a life and future together. Zach was a bodybuilder and insurance agent, while Madison became a hairstylist.

Couple receives terrible news
A couple of years after dating, Zach suddenly started not feeling like himself. Two days later, he learned that he had Crohn’s disease. The couple took the diagnosis in stride and tried to control it. Despite medical treatment, his health continued to deteriorate until he became a shadow of his former self. He had lost a lot of weight and was in a lot of pain.

One night, he woke up with severe chest pains and a fever. Madison rushed him to the hospital, where they received news that erased their future together.

“Cancer never crossed our minds, being 22 and 24 years old. The doctor came in and it seemed like he had just seen a ghost… He told us, ‘I think you have cancer.’ It felt like the walls were closing in.” Madison said.

The couple then received a death sentence when Zach was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Suddenly their future was very dark and they knew they would be walking through the shadow of the valley of death without hope. However, the couple refused to believe that there was no hope and ultimately decided to fight for what little life they had left together.

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During the nine months that Zach was in the hospital, he was like a roller coaster. He would go through rounds of treatments before going into remission, but then a few months later he found out the cancer had returned with a vengeance.

Cancer patient gets married in hospital
He had spread to the spine and the brain. One night, Zach felt even worse than usual, and luckily, a nurse insisted that he have a CT scan, where they learned that he had a perforated intestine and needed surgery right away. That nurse saved Zach’s life.

Zach had been struggling for months and was ready to give up. He didn’t know how much longer he could take.

“At this point, knowing that he had cancer that had spread to his brain and then drilling and chemotherapy on top of him, Zach was exhausted,” Madison said. “He looked me in the eyes, crying, telling me that he didn’t want to fight anymore.”

So Madison did only what she could do. She wanted Zach to know how much she loved him. She called off her wedding that was set months in the future and planned a wedding in forty-eight hours.

Thanks to her hospital family, the nurses came on their day off to prepare this beautiful bride, who walked down the hospital hallway to say, “I love you for better or worse, in sickness and in health,” as man of her dreams.

It was what Zach needed to give him hope of fighting. “I was pretty exhausted at the time… Our wedding definitely gave me a lot of positivity and hope. I had pretty much given up, but I still wanted to fight for Maddy, and that’s what I did.”

a surprise miracle
Through God’s miraculous healing, Zach became healthy enough for a bone marrow transplant. The couple later learned that Zach’s cancer had remitted. Now that he is healthy enough to go home, the couple is learning how precious life is as they enjoy the little things like waking up in bed next to each other.

After such a dark and difficult journey in which hope was a fragile but vital part of life, the couple decided to share their story to give others in their place a great dose of faith to fight with all the strength they have.

“We wanted to inspire other people who are going through similar situations, whether it’s cancer, depression or other challenges, to keep fighting because you never know what’s behind the next door,” Madison said.

We pray that they continue to fight the good fight of faith, and we hope their story inspires you to keep your eyes on Christ and move forward one day at a time.