Chick-Fil-A Employee Tackles Man, Saving Mom And Baby, And Cameras Caught It All

Security cameras capture the intense moment a Chick-Fil-A employee tackles a man trying to steal the car of a mother with a baby. This hero may not be wearing a cape, but he certainly saved the day!

Is there anything that Chick-Fil-A employees do not do in their mission to serve? Mykel Gordon is the young man you can see in the video saving the mother and baby from the would-be thief.

And the brave young man’s selfless actions are the reason why he is being hailed as a hero!

Chick-Fil-A employee tackles car thief
A woman was removing her baby from her car when William Branch, 43, is accused of aggressively approaching her with a stick and demanding her car keys. When she refused, William allegedly grabbed her keys and jumped into her car. He probably thought he was home free, but then the woman started screaming for help.

Once Mykel heard the woman scream, this brave Chick-Fil-A employee tackled the accused carjacker to the ground. As they wallowed on the hot Florida pavement, Mykel was punched in the face a few times. But she stuck it out and refused to let William get away with it.

A few seconds later, other Chick-Fil-A employees and spectators helped Mykel hold William down until police arrived.

William must never have been to a Chick-Fil-A before. Everyone knows that they have amazing customer service and will go above and beyond. It’s like they have superpowers when they put on the uniform. They are everyday heroes serving the best they can, all with a side of fries.

Let’s give Mykel a shout out and blessings for his courage to stop a carjacking in its tracks. Thank God for Mykel’s actions. Who knows how this story would have turned out without his super power of courage?