Mom gives birth to black and white twins, then gets even bigger surprise seven years later

Perhaps the most fantastic thing about life on this planet is the unpredictable nature of things.

Sure, there are times when the unexpected can be upsetting, or even heartbreaking, but there are also plenty of times when we’re pleasantly surprised by something we thought would never happen.

Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant look like your average couple from the outside, but it turns out their genes are really special. This is evidenced by the miracle that occurred not only in a set of twins they had, but in two…

Alison is fair-skinned, with blue eyes and red hair, but her partner Dean is of West Indian origin. As a result, she is naturally much darker, with brown hair and eyes, as well as a dark complexion.

When the couple first found out they were pregnant with twins, they assumed their babies would look like both of them. However, when Alison gave birth to Laura and Hayleigh in 2001, the parents were in for a surprise.

Laura had inherited her mother’s fair skin, blue eyes, and red hair, while her twin sister closely resembled her father.

Of course, Alison and Dean were in awe, as were their families. However, although the phenomenon is extremely rare, it is not entirely unknown.

Growing up wasn’t always easy, as their parents had to answer questions about how this could have happened and comments of disbelief, and then the girls faced questions from their friends at school.

According to reports citing a geneticist, the odds of twins being born biracial are about 1 in 500.

Fast-forward seven years and Alison found herself pregnant again…with another set of twins!

This time, Alison was induced at 37 weeks when doctors discovered her babies were in a breech position. Immediately after delivery, the babies were moved to intensive care due to breathing problems, meaning Alison and Dean didn’t get a chance to see them properly.

However, when they finally got to see their new babies, they realized they had defied even more odds… they had another set of miraculous biracial twins!

Little Leah has Alison’s fair skin and light features, while sister Miya was born with her and Lauren’s father’s darker features.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis of the Royal College of General Practitioners told CBS News that even non-identical twins are not that common.

“Having two eggs fertilized and coming out different colors is less common and having it happen twice must be one in millions,” she added.

“I’m almost in awe like the rest of them, there’s no easy way to explain it all,” proud father Dean told CBS News. “I’m still in shock even though the first ones were 7 years ago, it’s unbelievable.”

Leah and Miya have the help of their two older sisters, who have been able to guide them through the challenges.

Leah shared: “Lauren and Hayleigh are my heroes. I like my older sisters. We want to be like them when we grow up.”

The girls realize that they are lucky to have each other, and despite their physical differences, they said they are similar in many ways.

Hayleigh explained, “We say the same things at the same time and finish each other’s sentences. Sometimes I know exactly what he’s thinking.”

The world works in mysterious ways, but one thing is for sure: Alison and Dean are lucky to have been so blessed.