Emaciated stray puppy found on road makes a recovery and finds a new home

All dogs deserve love, happiness and a good home, but unfortunately many dogs spend their lives as strays, struggling to get by on the streets and never knowing love.

But one dog has now made an amazing recovery, moving from a life on the streets to a loving new home ❤️

Dobby, a six-month-old puppy, was first found on the streets of Iberville Parish, Louisiana, as an emaciated stray dog. According to NBC San Diego, Dobby’s life consisted of hot asphalt and searching for leftover food.


“You could see it in his cute hairless face,” wrote Alison Alvarado, director of Iberville Parish Shelter & Animal Control. “The sweetest, most accepting and loving pup I have come in contact with in a long time.”

Fortunately, Dobby was taken in by the shelter. His skin was hairless and he had scabs, but with a warm bath and a cozy bed in his new foster home, he was soon on the road to recovery.

He was diagnosed with demodectic mange, which caused his hair to fall out. But after receiving treatments, his fur began to grow back.

According to NBC, Dobby was one of 100 dogs flown from New Orleans to other shelters across the country.

She ended up at the St. Hubert Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey, where she was soon put up for adoption. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before this sweet dog found his forever home.

St. Hubert’s shared a photo of a very happy Dobby with his new owner and shared the amazing news on Instagram on September 15.

“Dobby has been through a lot in his short life,” they wrote. “He is now starting a wonderful new chapter of his life with his adoptive family, and we couldn’t be happier!”

It’s a beautiful photo to see, as well as the great news of Dobby’s adoption, it’s a reminder of how far he’s come. That happy, healthy dog ​​is a far cry from the emaciated, mangy dog ​​found on the streets a few weeks ago.

She just shows the power that a little love can have in a dog’s life.

We are so glad Dobby is doing much better and has a great forever home! Share this amazing news! ❤️