Toddler with Down syndrome featured in ad for Banana Republic’s new baby collection

Brands are finally taking the necessary steps to show that they are inclusive.

In recent years, we have seen fashion companies move away from what used to be their typical model, a thin white woman, and move towards more diverse models to suit their audience. While we have celebrated this, we still see groups of people that are underrepresented, one of which is people with disabilities.

Victoria’s Secret recently introduced its first model with Down syndrome, and now another brand is celebrating a milestone with the launch of its baby collection.

Banana Republic has included a baby with Down syndrome in its latest campaign.

Banana Republic’s recently launched BR Baby collection was designed with a promise to be more sustainable, more welcoming and more inclusive,” the company said in a statement, according to FOX 5 NY.

“We want to celebrate diversity in all its forms and in the casting of BR Baby we saw a perfect moment to bring this forward. We were delighted to give this beautiful and loving human being her first modeling job.”

So beautiful!

Katie Driscoll, founder and president of Changing the Face of Beauty, said the organization, which is committed to equal representation of people with disabilities in the media, said it was “thrilled” that brands were speaking to the disabled community with your ads.

“Too often our community is overlooked when considering diversity, the fact is that the disability community is the largest minority in the world and one in five families knows or loves someone with a disability. Being seen in the world we live in is vital to our future.”

I hope that one day this will become the norm so that when a brand includes someone with a disability it’s not something we have to celebrate, but something we look forward to.