5-year-old girl makes sure to use sign language for her deaf parents at school concert

A big part of good parenting is raising your children to accept and uphold the true values ​​that make the world a good place.

That’s why most moms and dads feel immense pride when they see their child in the process of lighting up someone else’s life. Claire’s parents certainly did, and it’s easy to see why.

Claire’s parents are deaf, but that hasn’t stopped her and her little sister from communicating with them. Claire has known American Sign Language since she was little, giving her parents a bridge through which to communicate…

Claire’s school was putting together this year for her annual Christmas show, and that involved all the kids performing a song in front of members of the audience.

But there was the problem. Given the fact that Claire’s parents are deaf, she knew it would be a shame if they couldn’t properly experience the holiday show. So, after some thought, she decided to translate what she was doing to herself into sign language.

In addition to singing with her hands, Claire sang with her hands, surprising her parents and giving them a moment they will savor forever.

As for the Christmas gestures, it’s definitely something special from someone as young as Claire!

We know, brilliant right?

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