Woman celebrates her 101st birthday – she still does all her house chores herself

Most people don’t live to the centenary of their birth, but of course there are some lucky ones who do. And of those who do, not all are able to fully participate in their own celebration.

But not only did this 101-year-old girl have a great time on her birthday, she also manages to live each day to the fullest in the most inspiring way!

Helen Beebe is a vital part of her community in Howard City, Michigan. She was born in 1921 and resides in the city as an active member of the community.

She is an active member of the town’s community center and is loved by all who visit and work at the center. In honor of her 101st birthday, the center organized a birthday party for her which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Even though she is 101 years old, Helen revealed that she still does all the housework by herself and even finds the time and energy to bake regularly. Other than that, her weekly schedule includes a trip to the grocery store on Wednesdays and a trip to the community center every Friday.

As for what’s her secret to keeping her brain and her body in shape all these years; she says the secret is on her schedule to keep herself busy. She truly believes that if a person has things to do and keeps moving, they will stay alert both mentally and physically.

She said the habit of moving and staying active was instilled in her and her siblings by her parents, who always kept their children busy and busy with one thing or another. She said: “My parents took us here and there and kept us doing things…that’s what I say living is.”

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Another thing Helen Beebe loves is dancing. Her favorite dance genre is the polka, but her advanced age prevents her from participating in it. She, however, still dances to slow songs.

She is always inspiring to not only meet people who live such long lives, but also manage to live them to the fullest even at such advanced ages.

Helen Beebe and her enthusiasm for life is truly a great example for us. We are Newsner wish Helen a very happy birthday.

Please join us in wishing Helen Beebe a happy birthday and share it with her friends and family so they can join in the celebration too!