Couple Meet Again After 55 Years Apart And Discover That They Still Love Each Other: “Love Does Not Age”

Despite your best efforts, it’s possible to meet the right person at the wrong time and have your plans backfire. At this point it may seem that this person is not destined to be with us, but things can go much better if we meet again at a more advantageous time. Mary Porto, a 74-year-old Brazilian, and Raymond Widmer, a 75-year-old Swiss, experienced this. After breaking up fifty-five years earlier, they both got a second chance.

When Mary and Raymond were just 18 and 19 years old, they met for the first time. After her father’s job change, Mary moved from Brazil to Belgium and then finished her education at an art school in Lausanne, Switzerland. Young Mary first met Raymond here: “A lovely young man kept looking at me as I enrolled in high school. Since he was anxious, I didn’t pay attention to him, but then I realized that he had been following me. So I worked up the guts to ask him to join me for coffee,” Mary said.

Mary, who has always been a lady to the point, decided to take the first step and kiss him when they started dating: “I don’t like to waste my time. So I made the decision that we should kiss. If it had to be, it would be; if not, it would come to an end,” Maria recalled.

However, her love lasted only six months as she, Maria, was forced to return to her native country. The two continued to correspond by letter for another six months, but due to their extreme separation, it was impossible to maintain a real relationship. Soon after, their interest waned and the two decided to stop communicating in person.

Since then, a lot of time has passed: Raymond also married someone else, Mary married Samuel, with whom she had two children and spent 16 years before divorcing. Mary has been married three times, so when she turned 70, she made the decision that she no longer wanted to interact with men in any way. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that she received a letter from Raymond asking her 55 years after she ended her initial relationship and it was in a yellow envelope with a Swiss postage stamp.

“It was incredibly emotional for me to receive the letter as I could practically see Raymond there. I couldn’t believe it,” Mary said. Although he was still married, Raymond decided to see Mary after discovering an old gift from her in a drawer. With a lot of perseverance, Raymond was able to locate Mary’s address and send her letter that forever changed her life.

The two of them decided to get married a week after their big meeting because everything was wonderful and joyful. Mary and Raymond were taken aback by the way they had been able to “grow together” while still getting along.

“We want to live in the now, with joy and as a couple. I truly believe that what happened to us was a miracle. Love never gets old. Instead, it is the fountain of eternal youth.” We totally agree and are delighted for them!