John Wayne had seven children, but he was buried in privacy, and his burial wasn’t marked for 20 years

Thanks to his successful career, John Wayne became one of the most famous movie stars in history. The “True Grit” actor started out in a completely different field of work before becoming the biggest movie star of his generation.

John Wayne was not only a well-known movie star, but also a renowned family man. He had seven children from three different marriages. And it turns out that John Wayne was one of the outliers, as the children of various actors can remember not having their mother or father around when they were young.

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Several of his children have made public comments about him since his horrific death, exposing the truth for all to read.

Actually, John Wayne was not born John Wayne. The well-known performer was actually born Marion Morrison on May 26, 1907, in Winterset, Iowa. His first “name change” occurred when he was a young child, all because of the Airedale [Terrier] dog named Duke owned by his parents, Clyde and Mary.

John Wayne starred in The Shootist in 1976. In the end, it was his last film, and in the years after its release, the actor’s health deteriorated rapidly. His daughter Aissa admitted that she found it difficult to watch.

Wayne had lost a lot of life in previous movies. But The Shootist was different for Aissa.

In the book John Wayne: My Father, Aissa stated, “In this movie, he was dying of cancer and it was really disturbing.

“If it’s not a family curse, the threat of cancer has never completely faded for us. Ever since my Uncle Bob passed away from cancer at the time of The Shootist, I have constantly lived with the worry that my father will develop the disease as well. I think my father had similar concerns when he wrote The Shootist, even though his cancer would not be discovered for another two years.

John Wayne’s voice was failing him in 1978 and he was unable to act. He did his best to hide the fact that his cancer had returned. John Wayne, who was 79 years old, passed away on June 11, 1979. His stomach cancer was the official cause of his death, according to

Doctors determined the actor was too frail to begin chemotherapy and experimental treatment when the cancer was found.

At UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, John Wayne passed away. He passed away while surrounded by his family and spent his final days drifting in and out of consciousness, according to Outsider.

Although John Wayne is often portrayed as a big, dangerous Western character and a role model for men, he also had a soft side.

When Wayne passed away, his daughter Aissa was in his bed. He gave her some lovely last words as she took her father’s hand and asked if he knew who she was.

I am aware of who you are, of course. I love you girl. Aissa remembers her father telling her, “I love you.”

In Newport Beach, California’s Pacific View Memorial Park Cemetery, Wayne was buried. Although the precise location was kept secret for many years, it is located on a hillside with a stunning view of the sea.

The location of his grave was unknown for many years, according to an LA Times article. Fans were unable to attend his funeral due to security measures, so his final farewell remained a private event. The burial of him went 20 years without a marker.