Dog Begged Strangers For Help When They Broke Both His Front Legs And Dumped Him

Chewie the Yorkie was left as a piece of garbage in Santa Ana Park in Orange County, California. Despite having both his front legs completely broken, the little dog hid his pain and smiled at strangers hoping someone would help him. ilovemydogsomuch writes that after suffering for several days, he was finally rescued by OC Animal Care staff.

X-rays taken at the hospital showed that Chewie’s broken legs began to heal in a bent position. This meant that the poor boy had sustained this injury several weeks earlier, but his owner hadn’t bothered to take him to the vet. It is possible that the owner broke Chewie’s leg and left him behind.

The vet performed a difficult operation to repair Chewie’s legs. Rehabilitation after surgery was no doubt difficult, but the skinny boy proved to be a strong fighter! He trusted his assistants to the end and just a week later, he was happily walking on the grass, even though he was still in a cast!

Chewie was adopted shortly after his full recovery! His new mom, Cheryl, is head over heels in love with the little guy, and his human and canine siblings love him too.

Well done, darling! Chewie has entered our hearts with his innocent smile and happy nature of his!

Check out the video below to see how sad Chewie accepts his misfortune with a smile and gets to his happy ending!