88-Year-Old Nun Tells A Bible Joke About Constipation And Has Everyone Rolling

Sister DePaul Stava, 88, makes a hilarious Bible joke about constipation and has everyone laughing out loud!

Sometimes people see religion as suffocating and tense. But just because you take your faith seriously doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

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God wants us to experience joy, happiness, and laughter. In fact, if you take a look at Proverbs 17:22, you will see that “a merry heart is good as medicine.”

And Sister DePaul Stava is proving it by telling a joke about constipation involving five men from the Bible.

88-year-old nun shares her hilarious Bible joke
Sister DePaul Stava is a member of the Benedictine Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Lisle, Illinois. There, the 88-year-old nun is described as someone who has a gift for keeping things “upbeat and fun.”

And that certainly appears to be the case based on a hilarious video of the woman making the rounds of her on social media!

In the video, Sister DePaul asks, “Did you hear about the five constipated men in the Bible?”

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She then goes on to share her hilarious Bible joke by referencing five different figures from the Bible, along with scripturally based “evidence” pointing to constipation. For example, Cain: “He was not able.”

It can be said, this sweet lady has a wonderful sense of humor. And while joking around is a lot of fun, God has also given Sister DePaul’s playful spirit a special purpose!

Sister DePaul Stava is one of many nuns and priests participating in a study of religious orders with Rush University and Emory University. The purpose of this 25-year study is to better understand why some people “stay fit until the end of life” and others begin to experience cognitive decline in their sixties.

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Sister DePaul loves to entertain people by telling jokes and playing her own harmonica. And according to the study, the nun’s humor and positive outlook could actually help protect her from dementia. Sounds like the good medicine of a merry heart mentioned in Proverbs 17:22, doesn’t it?

The data collected by the study so far seems to suggest that lifestyle factors can help offset, delay and prevent dementia. Things like being socially and physically active, having a purpose in life, eating a healthy diet, learning a different language (including music), and yes, using humor!

In addition to contributing to the study in life, participants like Sister DePaul will also donate their brains to the study after her death for future research. When she was asked how she felt about her brain donation, Sister DePaul laughed, “I’m dead, what do I care?”

Just as she has spent her life serving God’s purpose, that service to help others will continue after the Lord calls her soul home. But in the meantime, this feisty and entertaining woman will continue to use humor like her biblical joke about constipation to stave off cognitive decline.

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