Man In Wheelchair Saves Panicking 110-Pound Rottweiler Who Can’t Get Out Of Pool

We all need a helping hand sometimes, even animals. This was literally the case with Darren Thomas’ pet Rottweiler Cassius, who found himself in a bit of a mess.

On February 21, 2022, Thomas uploaded a video to his Instagram page showing the incident that occurred at his home in Cape Town, South Africa. He began by showing Cassius sitting idly by the family pool. As he turned to leave, he slipped and fell into the water.

Thomas said that he was alone in the house and that he was shaving when he heard Cassius’ cries for help.

“He fell into the pool and I was the only one in the house,” Thomas said.

The video then showed Thomas in the pool attempting to extricate the roughly 110-pound canine, but to no avail.

“I couldn’t just pull it out because it’s too heavy and I don’t have enough leverage on my chair because it would just get me in the pool so I had to make another plan because he was getting tired of standing there. ,” He explained.

He added that he has “had 2 Rotties and one thing they are famous for is swimming… well not mine. He can’t or won’t swim and it doesn’t matter what we do.”

Undeterred, Thomas took his “Big Bear’s” paw in his hand and slowly moved with him to the other side of the pool where he could use a ladder to climb up.

After an excruciating 4 1/2 minutes, Cassius reached the other end of the pool and quickly climbed out, much to Thomas’s relief.

“When I reviewed the footage afterward, I realized that he was there for around 25 minutes before I found him. That’s why he was so tired. I just thank God he was big enough to get to the side,” he told MailOnline.

As well as being a great dog parent, Thomas’ own story is an inspiration.

Thomas sustained serious injuries during a home robbery where a group of seven men attacked him. After the altercation, he became a T3 paraplegic when bone fragments from his spine were forced into his spinal cord.

“I was like 100 kilos (approximately 220 pounds), fit and strong and… one guy stabbed me in the head with a screwdriver… and then the other guy must have shot me point-blank in the chest. … He missed my heart by a millimeter,” Thomas told Jesster Radio.

Despite the traumatic experience, Thomas remains grateful to be here to care for his family, including 5-year-old Cassius, who cannot swim.

“I have been giving talks to individuals and businesses sharing my story and encouraging people who still have so much to live for, regardless of their circumstances, and who can fight through adversity and be better on the other side,” he said.

“I still have hard days where I don’t feel like getting up and facing the day, but I have to get up for my kids and my wife to show them that they should never give up and that they can get through anything they put their mind to. to,” he added.

“I’ve been given a second chance at life and I want to use it to make a difference in other people’s lives.”