92-Year-Old Grandma and Grandson Are On a Mission to Visit Every US National Park

Most people strive to spend their lives experiencing excitement and creating lasting memories, usually with the people we love the most. When we have the opportunity to create memories with the people we love, our glasses fill and we feel revitalized. Our bodies and souls yearn for the peace and beauty of nature. Therefore, visiting the National Parks is a great way to achieve all of that in one trip. If you needed a reason to smile today, here it is: a woman from a small town in Ohio has decided to explore the great outdoors. What makes this story so much more valuable is that she is visiting the National Parks with her grandson!

Just getting started
In 2015, a young man named Brad Ryan invited his 92-year-old grandmother, Joy Ryan, for a weekend getaway. She hadn’t had the opportunity to travel much in her life and he really wanted her to have that experience. “I felt bad because she always lived vicariously through my stories,” Brad told GMA. “So knowing that she had never seen deserts, mountains, the ocean and these amazing wild places on Earth, I felt like a responsibility I had to her to make sure she had some memories to take with her in her life story. . too.”[1]. He invited her on a weekend trip to a National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to be more specific.

The kindness of a Grandon changed lives
He thought it would be a great experience for her and he was delighted to share this time with her. They enjoyed the trip so much that they decided to embark on a mission to see as many National Parks as they could. She then she hit Covid and everything was shut down. It was not known if they would be able to complete their goal and reach all 63 National Parks. “They had visited 29 parks until the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to slow down. “All we could do was hope that things would change and those opportunities would continue to exist and then be grateful for all that we had been able to do and see up to that point,” Brad said. they have been to 62 of the 63 National Parks. The last park on your list is American Samoa National Park and we can’t wait to see the photos and updates.

Instagram made them famous’
In 2019, Brad decided that he wanted to document these great adventures, so he opened an Instagram account. When Brad originally started the account, the intention was to share these National Parks adventures with Grandma Joy’s friends and neighbors back home. However, with such a heartwarming story, he spread the word and the account blew up. It has gotten bigger than anticipated, but they are both thrilled to be able to document and share this exciting excursion with others. This special story has made waves in the world of social media.

Your most exciting adventure.
The most exciting excursion they have been on was to Alaska to visit 8 of the 63 National Parks. Together they went hiking and whitewater rafting. They also encountered incredible wildlife and breathtaking views. “I always wanted to see bears fishing and I finally got to see it. And it was fun, it really was,” Grandma Joy said.[1] With her thirst for adventure, Grandma Joy is an inspiration to many who have been held back by the idea that her bodies simply won’t cooperate anymore. She has pushed her body to the max and has redefined what it means to age.

A truly inspiring story
While the opportunity to go on so many great adventures is an incredible gift, the most magical part of this entire story is that they did it together. Many people I know, including myself, have (or had) special ties to our grandparents. Experiencing these adventures with them would bring so much joy and leave a truly lasting impression. Brad is incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and has been able to create some very special memories.

Sure he will remember these moments forever, but what else makes this story so magical? Brad may one day share these National Park adventures with his children and grandchildren so that his grandmother’s legacy will live on. The special bond she and Brad share will live on in the hearts of all those around them and those who have heard of her great adventures in the National Park.