Boy, 7, says he’s ‘proud of his scar’ after jumping in front of vicious dog to save his sister

Heroes come in all sizes, and this boy who saved his sister from a vicious dog attack proves it. His story is a testament to the fact that you don’t have to be big and strong to be a superhero, you just need to be brave. This is certainly a story worth remembering and retelling.
Boy saves his sister from a dog attack
On July 9, 2020, Bridger, then 6, of Cheyenne, Wyoming, knew exactly what to do when an angry dog ​​approached him and his sister. He intentionally threw himself in front of her younger sister, claiming that he was the subject of the attack and not her.

Bridger was bitten multiple times on the face and head before he was able to grab her sister’s hand and lead her to safety. He was rushed to intensive care, where he had to receive 90 stitches. When asked why he got in the way between his sister and the dog, he said he was the only thing he knew he had to do.
If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

He wasn’t doing it to be praised, he was doing it out of love from the bottom of his heart for his sister.
Bridger’s Recovery
According to his aunt, who has been posting about the incident on her Instagram page, Bridger’s recovery is going very well. Although he is still not able to smile much, his warm and energetic personality has not diminished.

Bridger’s story quickly went viral, with scores of people wanting to help and donate. Instead of creating a GoFundMe page, Bridger’s aunt has encouraged people to donate to:
Bridger loves reading everyone’s comments and posts, as well as watching the encouraging videos people have been sending her. In one of her posts, Bridger’s aunt asked people to send her photos of interesting rocks they find, as Bridger is currently very interested in rocks and geology. He has even provided an address where people can send him stones and photos:

dog owners
The dog’s owners are naturally devastated by the destruction and pain their dog caused to a little boy and his sister. Bridger’s aunt mentions in one of her posts that the family has been incredibly nice to the Walker family and that the incident has actually brought the two families closer together.