The Dogs Trust issues warning as thousands of dog owners call for help

The stark warning comes as Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget is due to take place on Friday (September 23), but the cost of living crisis has already had an unprecedented impact on dog owners.

Dogs Trust CEO Owen Sharp said: “Dogs Trust has been receiving a surprising and unprecedented number of calls from dog owners asking us to accept their dogs because we feel they will not be able to see them during this crisis.
“Over the last month, we received an average of 17 transfer calls per hour from desperate homeowners who felt they had run out of options.”

The charity saw a 14 per cent increase in calls this July, a 26 per cent increase from August 2021.

A YouGov survey asked those without dogs if the cost-of-living crisis would prevent them from adopting or buying a dog. More than six out of ten people admitted that they would.

Owen added: “Combine this with the fact that 65% of people in the Southwest told us, in our new cost of living survey, that they would not be ready to accept a dog right now, and it’s clear we see that ‘We are at the point of having a serious animal welfare problem on our hands.

In the survey, 45 percent of dog owners believe it is more difficult now to give their dog everything he needs compared to before the cost of living crisis.

What worries dog owners?

Vet bills were at the top of the list with 55 percent of dog owners citing this as a cause for concern. Eighteen percent of dog owners were concerned about the cost of insurance, and 12 percent said paying for dog food was a concern.

The Dog’s Trust is urgently seeking help for dogs already affected by this crisis situation and is asking people with room in their homes and hearts to provide a permanent home for large dogs, undomesticated dogs and dogs that may have a challenging behavior.