Pat Sajak, Host For Wheel Of Fortune For 40 Years, Says ‘The End Is Near’

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak shares about his time on the popular game show and how his time as host may be coming to an end.

Since 1981, Pat Sajak has been the host of Wheel of Fortune. And the show itself has been around since 1975! With four decades behind them, Pat Sajak and his co-host Vanna White have become the faces of the popular show.

“It’s an honor to have been in people’s living rooms for so long. People were out there welcoming us. We are happy and proud,” shared Pat Sajak. “On most TV shows, by now, you would have said, ‘That’s probably enough. But this program will not die.

With Pat Sajak at 75 and Vanna White at 65, he shares that his time on the show won’t last much longer.

“The years go by fast,” Pat Sajak acknowledged. “We are nearing the end. It has been a long time]. We’re not going to do this for another 40 years. The end is near.”

Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajack says the end is near
In all of his time hosting Wheel of Fortune, Pat only stepped away once for surgery he needed for a blocked intestine. During that time, Vanna White was the host of the show.

In December 2021, when Pat celebrated his 40th anniversary as host, his daughter Maggie shared a touching tribute to him online.

“Happy 40th Wheel-iversary to this guy!” Maggie tweeted. “On this day in 1981, @patsajak hosted his first episode of @WheelofFortune…and the rest is history!”

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What is Wheel of Fortune without Pat Sajak and Vanna White? No matter how many more years we have left hosting the popular game show, we’ll continue to enjoy your friendly faces on screen.