This small northern UK city has just been named the most beautiful in the world

Nowadays, deciding if a city is the most beautiful or not is not as simple as buying a plane ticket and visiting it. Our human eyes no longer seem to be sufficient judges in this regard. In fact, it has become much more scientific. Gone are the days when Paris was considered the most beautiful city in the world. These days, Chester, a small town in the UK, has taken its place. They say it’s because a large proportion of their buildings are aligned with the Golden Ratio.

Chester is ranked as the most beautiful city in the world

Chester, a small city in the north of the United Kingdom, has been named the most beautiful city in the world. Not by architects or designers, but by researchers at a financial services company called Online Mortgage Advisor. Its researchers used Google Street View to collect and compare thousands of photos of buildings in cities around the world. They placed all the buildings in the golden ratio, which is a mathematical ratio found in nature, geometry, art, architecture, and other areas.

In other words, mathematical proportion is found in nature, geometry, art, architecture, and other areas. It is also known as The Divine Proportion and has been used by mankind since Ancient Greece. No one really knows why, but for some reason, humans find structures and objects that reflect this ratio beautiful.

The golden ratio is found in nature, art, and architecture.
Artists and architects from all over the world and cultures believe that the golden ratio creates the most beautiful form. A shape that makes people feel happy to watch. Both the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci and the Parthenon of Ancient Greece have the golden ratio in them. But so do pineapples and seashells.

So, the researchers at Online Mortgage placed all the buildings in cities around the world under the golden ratio. In short, they did this by plotting points on the base of each building they measured. After finding the ratio between the long and short sides, they compared it to the golden ratio. It turns out that Venice and Chester were neck and neck in their results, with Chester only marginally more so. Chester’s buildings scored 83.7 per cent, with Venice following with 83.3 per cent. London followed with 83 per cent, Belfast was fourth with 82.9 per cent and Rome got 82, making it fifth.

How Chester became the most beautiful city
Chester was first built by the Romans. It was chosen to be the headquarters of the XX Legion, and was considered an important Roman settlement. But, it was deserted in the fifth century. Fast forward to the 10th century, it became a prosperous city that was part of Mercia. The city made its fortune trading with Ireland and Wales. They were so successful that they had their own mint and basically governed themselves independently of the crown. That is until around the 12th century, they rejoined the monarchy. Ultimately, the influence of Roman design made the city breathtakingly beautiful.

If this article has caught your attention and you want to visit the most beautiful city, there is a lot to look forward to. Tourism in Chester runs throughout the year, although June and July are the peak travel season. There are some amazingly monumental buildings and architecturally great designs.

First of all, the East-gate bridge, along with the magnificent clock that sits in an archway above, is definitely a must-see. The Roman amphitheater would then have been used in Chester’s Roman heyday for gladiator-related sports. Plus, you could float down the River Dee and see things from the perspective of the water. These are just a few of the many things to see in Chester, making it worthwhile for those who love to travel the world.