Mom-of-4 sleeps in car while caring for dying husband, has life turned around with gift of $10,000 and new car

Jessica and Robert Reboredo fell in love incredibly quickly after being introduced by mutual friends. Shortly after meeting, the couple got married and started a family.

The young couple lived a simple but full life. Robert worked as a woodworker while Jessica was a waitress at a Chili’s restaurant in Las Vegas. They worked day and night to earn enough money to care for their four children, all under the age of six.

His happy home life was turned upside down when, at just 25 years old, Roberto was diagnosed with testicular cancer that had also spread to his lungs. The cancer had spread so rapidly that medical professionals recommended that Roberto be admitted to a hospital immediately.

He was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles that was a few hours away. Suddenly, Jessica had to juggle her job, taking care of her children, and going to see her husband in another city. She stretched thin and her budget stretched even thinner.

She was on such a tight budget that she sometimes slept in her car when she visited Los Angeles to be with her husband. But even with all her struggles, she had a smile on her face and she wanted to make sure she put up a brave front for her family.

Due to her sunny attitude, in her life, she had made many friends who cared deeply for her. One of these people was her second grade teacher, Kimberly. She and her teacher maintained a close bond with each other over the years.

Kimberly said of her longstanding bond with Jessica: “She [Jessica] was sweet and kind. She always wanted to have a daughter. We have kept in touch ever since.”

As Jessica struggled to keep her head above water, Kimberly took notice of her and her heart ached to see Jessica struggle so hard. Not only was Jessica struggling to pay medical bills, she was also on the verge of losing the family home.
Her teacher also knew that Jessica was hopeful that Robert would get better and return to her family.

Then one day, on her usual shift at Chili’s, Jessica started witnessing what she probably thought was a miracle. One customer left a $200 tip, the next customer left a $300 tip, and a third left a $500 tip. She was overwhelmed with kindness when a fourth customer asked about her latest advice. She told him it was $500 and he gave her a $500 tip. She told the generous customers: “You have no idea how much this means to me. In fact, my husband is in the hospital. He almost lost it a week ago.

Jessica was stunned. But this was only the beginning of her good luck. The FOX Surprise Squad 5 entered, after which Monica Jackson came over to greet the surprised young woman.

Jessica was in complete disbelief when she was presented with various gifts. This included a check for $10,000, a new car, and hotel reservations in Los Angeles for her whenever she visited her husband.
It turned out that Kimberly was the one who contacted the television station and nominated her former student. Knowing that it was Kimberly who did this touched Jessica even more and she wrapped her former teacher in a long, warm hug.

She said of the surprise, “I had no idea, I thought it was just me and my family trying to do this. Trying to keep all of our hopes and dreams alive and trying to bring Dad back home. The most important thing is to keep your head up and keep smiling because as long as you keep smiling, you will make it.”

On August 12, 2016, Robert passed away after a long and hard battle with cancer. However, he must have been at peace knowing that there were people who took care of his wife and children.