Harry inherited mom Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, only to later give it to William for Kate

When Prince Charles proposed to Diana in 1981, he did not have a ring made. Instead, he asked her to choose one of his for her, over which he chose a striking sapphire.

Diana liked the jewel even though it was reported that the Royal Family didn’t like it that much. She wore the ring out of respect for her children until just before her death in 1997.

After Diana’s death, her two sons inherited her things. While William inherited a watch that had belonged to his mother, Harry inherited the famous engagement ring from him. However, when William decided to propose to Kate Middleton, both brothers exchanged their heirloom items so that William could propose to Kate with the same ring.
When Charles proposed to Diana, she said yes before the couple had gotten an engagement ring. Diana chose her own ring in February 1981. Charles showed Diana a tray of rings from the crown jeweler at the time, Garrard. She chose a beautiful piece, a 2-carat Ceylon sapphire stone ring surrounded by 14 diamonds set in 18-carat white gold.

Some members of the royal family disparaged the ring as it was in the jeweler’s catalog and therefore not “bespoke”. They thought the ring was too common. However, Diana clearly loved her decision, as she wore the ring long after her divorce from Charles.

Then-British Prime Minister John Major announced in 1992 that Charles and Diana were separating. Two years later, Charles admitted to being unfaithful in an interview.
In November 1995, after Princess Diana’s interview with BBC’s Panorama, the Queen asked Charles to make their separation from her official.

Diana accepted the divorce on February 29, 1996, through a statement from her spokesperson. With her divorce, she relinquished any rights to the throne and to her Royal Highness style, but retained her title of Princess of Wales.

The couple’s divorce settlement was, of course, a lengthy one and Diana walked away with quite a bit, including keeping her apartments in the palace, access to royal aircraft, and permission to use the state apartments at St. James’s Palace to entertain. to the guests.

Instead of monthly alimony payments, Diana settled for a lump sum payment. She also shared custody of her children. Losing her status of Royal Highness to her meant that she would have to do a courtesy to her own children, which annoyed the former Princess of Wales. Seeing her mother annoyed with her, William promised to return her mother to her title of Royal Highness once he became King.

The divorce finally became final on August 28, 1996. Even after the divorce, Diana wore her engagement ring to be respectful of her young children.

The late Princess of Wales last wore the rings in public on September 5, 1996. Her fingers were remarkably bare at a film premiere she attended in London just days later.

And shortly after, on August 31, 1997, Diana lost her life in a fatal car accident. The accident also claimed the lives of her boyfriend at the time, Dodi Fayed, and the driver.

Prince Harry and Prince William recalled the moment they learned of her mother’s death in Paris and how stunned they felt. Harry recalls feelings of ‘disbelief’ while William questioned the unfairness of it all, saying ‘why me?’

After her death, it was reported that Diana left her children $10 million after taxes. They began receiving annual dividends on that amount after their 25th birthday.

The instructions she left said that the children would get the full amount when they turned thirty, and when Harry turned 30, it was reported that he received more than £10 million from his estate.
The children were also asked to choose items from her collection after she passed away. Harry chose her ring while William chose a Cartier watch that his mother liked.

Prince William met Kate Middleton when they were both freshmen at the University of St. Andrews. They were both studying art history and often ran into each other, which became the basis of their friendship.

The two began to develop feelings for each other that went beyond friendship. And after a year of dating, people began to expect them to get engaged. However, about four years into their relationship, William called Kate and broke up with her over the phone.

The couple confirmed that they broke up after graduating from college and said they needed space. Middleton said of the moment: “I wasn’t happy about it, but it made me a stronger person.”

While they were apart, their mutual friend Jockey Sam Waley-Cohen invited them both to a ‘Freakin’ Naughty’ themed party to which Prince William appeared in shorts and a police helmet, while Kate appeared in a nurse outfit
The couple reconnected at the party, and a few weeks later, they went on vacation to the Seychelles together.

The rumor was that the two brothers had a deal; whoever proposed first would get her mother’s ring. So when William decided to propose to Kate, Harry pointed out that his mother’s sapphire engagement ring would be perfect for the occasion.

Harry traded his brother’s ring for his mother’s watch. Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, said of the occasion: “That one day that ring will sit on the throne of England. Harry handed over the precious treasure to him. The one thing he hid from his mother he gave to his brother. That’s selfless, kind and exactly who Diana was.”

In November 2010, Kate and William went on vacation with their friends to Africa. William proposed to Kate on the trip to a point in Kenya and she immediately said yes.

Middleton recalled being surprised, saying, “He’s a real romantic, we had a wonderful holiday in Africa, it was in a very quiet hostel, it was very romantic and it was a very personal moment for both of us.” .”

It is said that Harry was very close to Kate. In fact, it was reported that he even sought her approval before proposing to Meghan Markle. He thought of Kate as a sister he had never had, and therefore her approval was important.