Actor Dick Van Dyke, Age 96, Says He’s ‘Just Glad To Be Here’

Actor Dick Van Dyke, 96, was recently spotted in Malibu leaving a restaurant and shared that he was “glad to still be here”.

As Dick Van Dyke was out for lunch with friends and running errands, the paparazzi saw him happier than ever. And the people behind the camera wished him a Happy Father’s Day from him before he went on his way.

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang actor is known for staying fit and healthy despite his old age. He even shared that he still goes to the gym to work out three times a week! Now that’s more than some people half his age!

Actor Dick Van Dyke, 96, is ‘just glad to be here’
“I’ve always worked out and still am,” said Dick Van Dyke. “I get in the pool and work out. At my age, they say keep moving. Put me on solid ground and I’ll start tapping.” It seems that there is nothing that can stop this talented actor and dancer!

Dick Van Dyke also shared that he likes to do water aerobics, lift weights, and walk on a treadmill while he’s at the gym. But he said his health can also be attributed to “good genes.”

No matter what genes he’s inherited, it’s great to see Dick Van Dyke at 96 still taking care of himself. Many of us grew up watching it in beloved movies like Mary Poppins. So it’s wonderful to see that he’s still here and enjoying his life.