Single Dad Adopts Three Siblings After They Passed 16 Foster Homes In 5 Years

We all dream and treasure having a place to call home. This was a goal that three young boys in Utah thought impossible until they met a man who irrevocably transformed their lives.

When Darryl Anderson of Vernal, Utah learned that there were three children in need of a loving home, she decided to grow her own family. In 2020 she met 4-year-old Miquel, 6-year-old Willis, and 9-year-old Nevaeh. Most of the children’s youth had passed in the custody of the state.

The brothers struggled to find their forever home after being placed in foster care in 2016. They experienced many changes as they continually moved into new residences. Even without three children, the idea of ​​moving 16 times in less than five years would be difficult. Fortunately, they were able to hold on to each other.

Anderson, a divorced father of three children from a previous marriage, knew that he had to take action. As a father with previous experience, he was confident that he could provide the three young children with the care and affection they needed.

Children rely on consistency and having a safe environment to retreat to. Knowing that you have food to eat and a place to sleep is comforting. Before Anderson improved their lives, Miquel, Willis and Nevaeh had never known stability.

When he adopted Miquel, Willis and Nevaeh in October 2020, he changed their lives forever. Family vacations can now be celebrated by children.

In a November 2020 interview with KSL News, Anderson and the children expressed their gratitude to each other.

The video of the interview demonstrated how the lives of today’s children seem to be completely normal due to the abundance of Legos and scenes of children playing together. As her brother humorously pretended to feel bad at the prospect, one of the girls commented on how much she enjoyed playing with the Barbie dolls. Additionally, the twins flaunted their adorable superhero and princess outfits.

Along with their adoptive father, they laughed tossing snowballs at each other while playing in the snow. They are joyfully embracing their new family. The three little boys seemed to have completely different personalities.

Regarding the group, Anderson commented, “They’re very tight-knit.” They only stayed together because they had been placed in group homes 16 times.

Anderson had doubts about whether he could have adopted. In the end, it all came down to the idea of ​​getting the kids to spend more of their vacation alone.

Anderson stated, “There are children in this world who don’t have a place to call home.” “Where do they go when Christmas comes? ”

Anderson is aware of the exact location of these three children: they will be putting up the Christmas tree in their living room. The father is shown talking animatedly about how the placement of the children’s unusual decorations makes his tree look strange as the interview continues. Anderson encouraged them to decorate it however they wanted, so all the decorations are near the bottom because they can’t reach the top.

In October 2020, Anderson took in the family. During the month of November, KSL News interviewed them. Adoption month is celebrated in November. The US Office for Children states that the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Adoption Month is dedicated to drawing attention to the critical need for foster children and youth to find adoptive families.

From modest beginnings in 1976, this awareness initiative has expanded from its limited origins. In 1984, a national campaign was launched for what had originally been simply a week dedicated to this cause in Massachusetts. The week was expanded to include the entire month of November 1995. In order to help foster children find their forever homes, the US Department of Health and Human Services increased its use of the Internet in 1998.

Many adoption organizations try to raise awareness for National Adoption Month, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway. To help foster children find their loving forever homes, they try to educate their local communities through a variety of activities and events.

Each year, the theme of the month is changed to help draw attention to different facets of the adoption process. Child Welfare Information Gateway reports that “Engaging Youth: Listen and Learn” was the focus of November 2020. This started a discussion about the need to help teens locate their adoptive families.

Videos and narratives of foster teens sharing their personal experiences can be found in the “Voices of Youth” area of ​​the portal website. They go into great detail regarding the requirements of foster children and youth, as well as suggestions for improving the system.

A large number of foster youth face an uncertain future. By assuring her new children that their future can be whatever they want it to be, Anderson helped ease their worries.

According to him, all he wanted was for them to be happy. “I want them to understand that I adore them. I want children to recognize that the past is the past and that their future is entirely up to them.

The children joked around showing off their muscles for the camera, showing that they are already strong-willed and adjusting to their new home.

The children are now being raised by Anderson as if they had always been his. He has consistently expressed hope for their future together as a family. It’s hard, you know, just adopting one, Anderson said. And three? There are three blessings in one.

As the interview with KSL News progressed, the family’s love spread throughout the group. The children expressed how much their new father meant to them. One of the children informed him: “We all love you more than the world.” Another child commented: “It’s because you are a wonderful father.”

The group, who were constantly united, added one last note of adoration to his wonderful idea:

“And you are very dear to us.”