Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Feels Lucky To Have Been Married To Brad Pitt | “I Will Love Him For The Rest Of My Life”

Brad Pit and Jennifer Aniston were once lauded as relationship goals. However, the couple abruptly parted ways just a few years into their romantic and chemistry-filled relationship. Even as Hollywood celebrities have moved on to build their own futures, fans are still swooning at the prospect of them getting back together, especially now that they’re both single. Even if that wish doesn’t seem realistic, Aniston admitted that she had positive things to say about her ex-husband, Pitt.

The actress reportedly told Vanity Fair that she has no regrets about her relationship with Pitt, according to Micky. She is aware that going through a divorce was traumatic and heartbreaking, but she is not yet ready to ignore the happy times they shared while still in love. “I still feel incredibly lucky to have been there. If I hadn’t been married to Brad, I wouldn’t know what I know now. Brad has my eternal love. He will always have my eternal love. He is a wonderful man. I don’t regret anything, and I’m not going to scold myself for it,” added the actress.

The 51-year-old also thinks her ex-partner taught her some valuable lessons. She went on to say how much she treasured those beautiful days. “We were together for an incredibly intense seven years and learned so much from each other about joy and healing. We support each other a lot, and I really appreciate that. It was a lovely and complex relationship, the Friends actress said.

The actress talked about her wedding day in another interview. She remembered how Pitt had broken down during his wedding. Pitt sobbed as they exchanged vows, and Aniston claimed that he had a significant impact on her.

“Nowadays, weddings are not exclusively for girls, which is fantastic. Get everyone involved. Men used to be stereotyped as complaining and asking, “Why are you making me do this?” Nothing is more moving than witnessing a man cry at his own wedding,” according to Mirror Online, the actress told Rolling Stones.

On July 29, 2000, Pitt and Aniston exchanged vows at a lavish Malibu clifftop wedding. When asked how it felt to find the love of her life shortly after the wedding, Aniston responded that she didn’t think he was the man for her.

“Does it represent my true love? I think you often ponder the question, “Are you the love of my life?” I mean, I have no idea. I have never been the type of person to declare someone as the love of my life. Without a doubt, it is a great affection of mine,” the actress told Insider.

She added that “and in the midst of all this commotion, I am sure that we are something special. It’s great to have someone who is grounded and really knows you all in this crazy, amazing, wonderful, tough profession that we’re in.”
The actress even expressed her desire to have children with the actor in 2004, but her marriage fell apart a few months later. Pitt and Angelina Jolie were associated at the time, and media reports of an affair between them abounded. Pitt and Aniston ended their relationship in 2005.

Aniston commented on her divorce: “We ended this relationship as gracefully as we entered it,” according to Insider. Jolie and Pitt soon began dating and Pitt continued to move forward in his love life. Aniston, meanwhile, seemed offended by their quick encounter.

“Brad is not a spiteful person; he would never deliberately try to rub something on my face. In hindsight, I can imagine him thinking, “Oh, I can see that he was unkind.” But I know Brad. In Brad’s words, “That’s art!” A sensitivity chip is missing,” Vanity Fair quoted the actress as saying.

However, she got over it and discovered love once again. Unfortunately, Aniston and Brad’s subsequent relationships ended badly. Soon after, Pitt expressed his regrets to his ex-wife, and Aniston helped him cope with his breakup with Jolie. Although there are still rumors that they got together, people close to the couple said that they were just friends.