‘It’s Never Too Late’: 85-year-old Florida Woman Graduates From College

A Florida woman who pursued her dream of earning a college degree now shares her experience for inspiration and advice.
After working her entire life, Arlyne Frankel, 85, retired at 79. For PBS, she served as a marketing and fundraising consultant.

She took stock of her situation: divorced, single, with children and grandchildren, and decided that she wanted to fulfill her life goals.

“Initially, I considered taking another position because my initial goal was to work until the day I passed away. or so he thought. After some reflection, I made the decision not to return to my job. He had the thought that he would live to the end. And what will I be doing? I want to achieve my goals, she told “GMA3”.

Her initial fantasy was to have her Bat Mitzvah, a Jewish coming-of-age celebration often held around a child’s thirteenth birthday. She always wanted one when she was a child, but she couldn’t have one. Frankel told the audience at her Bat Mitzvah that she intended to fulfill her next dream of finishing college.
At the age of 18, Frankel enrolled in college for the first time at Boston University in 1954, but she did not complete it.

At the end of the second year, she recounted, “I quit and stopped.” “Among other unpleasant things, he was having financial problems. I had trouble studying because of my bad grades.

Frankel discovered that she had a learning disability when she returned to school later in her life, which she believes contributed to her lack of motivation to finish school.

“Since I didn’t know he had a learning disability, I assumed he wasn’t very smart. I gave up because I had no one to tell me what was wrong, she said. Frankel claimed that she, over time, overcame her lack of a college education by putting in a lot of effort and succeeding.

“I never got over that feeling of failure,” she said. “Then I moved to New York where I worked hard and took on numerous jobs while learning to live. I am from a small town, but have progressed through the years. I had to have a lot of courage and self-confidence. Through my achievements and mistakes, I gained knowledge. I gained a little more knowledge with every job I had. I worked incredibly hard and put in overtime.

At the age of 80, Frankel enrolled at Florida International University.