A Dying Cow Sheds Tears of Gratitude to the Man Who Promised to Take Care of Her Baby; Giving Him Her Last Kiss Before She Passed Away

A dying mother is glad to have someone she can trust with her children after her death. Rarely do we meet someone worthy of our trust, and when we do, we feel at ease. It is entirely up to us as individuals to determine whether or not we can be trusted.

Animals that know who they can trust are in the same boat. Their actions toward us serve as a model for how we should respond to them.

Freser, a mother cow, has just given birth to her first and last calf, and she is grateful to Ismael for helping her with the birth.

Freser had trouble giving birth due to her deteriorating health. Ismael put Freser at ease and tried to make her feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Freser expresses her gratitude by kissing him and showering him with affection.
Freser began to cry when she finished the labor process. Yes, believe it or not, the mother cow was still crying, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Her health did not seem to improve at the moment.

Freser’s health had deteriorated significantly since the birth of her daughter, Savi. After giving birth, she was unable to stand up.
The doctor could not locate blood even during the delivery process. She noted that Freser was having difficulty throughout the procedure and she had to reach inside her uterus to remove her calf, even though she was not bleeding.
Freser began to moan, as if she sensed something was wrong.

Freser kept kissing Ismael after the baby arrived and she was safe, as if she was expressing her thanks. “I trust you to take care of my daughter!”

This was her last goodbye. Her daughter, Savi, and Ismael stayed behind when she was moved to another location.

Ismael assured Freser that little Savi would be well taken care of.

Freser died the next day, just days after giving birth. She was happy. Ishmael has kept his word to Freser ever since.