Miner Finds Gemstones And Becomes Instant Millionaire, Gives Back To Community By Building School

In June 2020, a Tanzanian miner named Saniniu Laizer found a pair of rare tanzanite gemstones that changed his luck overnight and made him a millionaire.

Through it all, he vowed to remain the same humble person he had always been and wanted to help make his local community a better place for everyone by building a school and community shopping center.

Laizer, who is also the father of more than 30 children, had his life take a major turn in a positive direction when he found a pair of prized gemstones. The two gemstones were valued in the amount of £2.4 million (approximately $2.7 million). Laizer received the value of the two beautiful gemstones from the Tanzanian government and the story of him quickly became popular as viewers around the world marveled at his huge turn of good luck.

The sudden millionaire was said to celebrate his good fortune by throwing a big party with all the members of his family. Perhaps one of the most inspiring aspects of this story is the fact that he said that he had no plans to change his lifestyle just because he had made a fortune. His plans after his discovery included continuing to care for the 2,000 cows he owns.

One of Laizer’s plans for his fortune included making his local community a better place. He planned to build a community shopping center and school for local children to study. He pointed out that many people who live in the area do not have enough money to provide an education for their children and he wants to make a difference.