Dog Owner Praises Prince Harry For Comforting ‘Grieving’ Pooch: “Really Beautiful Moment”

Prince Harry inherited a love of dogs from his grandmother, the queen, and showed it in full when he petted a dog waiting with his owner outside Windsor Castle. Crowds had gathered outside Windsor Castle days after the Queen’s death to pay their respects. The royal family formed a united front as Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle walked out to meet the crowd outside the gates of Windsor Castle and thank them for showing up. While waving to the crowd, Prince Harry spotted an adorable Labrador puppy. Prince Harry immediately squatted down to pet the dog. They shared a tender moment as Prince Harry petted the friendly pup named ‘Louis’ as he poked his nose over the railing separating the crowd from the royals, the Daily Star reported.

Louis is Sarah Gracie’s dog. Gracie, who hails from Surrey, shared photos of the Prince and her dog on her Twitter account where it went viral. “When our pup Louis met Meghan and Harry while paying our respects to the Queen,” Gracie wrote, sharing photos with him. People just couldn’t get enough of the dogs and Prince Harry’s love for Louis. Gracie then shared a few more photos with Prince Harry and the dog, writing, “Our beloved pup Louis with Prince Harry. Louis pays his respects too.” After receiving an outpouring of kind comments, Gracie wrote, “Thank you all for your lovely comments about our precious Louis. We witnessed a truly beautiful moment at such a difficult time for them. Louis had the best day and is doing great.” happiest moment.” when he is being hugged, caressed and surrounded by people.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle love dogs and they also have four. They also recently adopted a seven-year-old beagle from a rescue shelter last month. Mia was born and raised in a cage at the Envigo Cattery in Cumberland, Virginia. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle adopted Mia through a Beagle Freedom Project. It was Meghan who made the call to inquire about adopting the dog. The person on the phone offered Meghan Markle the opportunity to adopt a puppy, as she had mentioned children, but the Duchess of Sussex wanted a dog that needed the love and care of a loving home. She said: “No, no, no. We don’t want to adopt a dog that is easy to place. We want to adopt a dog that is more difficult to place: the ones that have been traumatized, the older ones, we want to help rehabilitate them. We want to support their mission”. In addition to Mia, the couple has a beagle named “Guy,” a German Shepherd-Labrador mix named “Bogart,” and a black Lab named “Pula.”

The Queen was also a great fan of dogs and it is believed that she had at least 30 dogs during her life. The queen’s love of dogs dates back to her father, George VI, who had a male corgi named Dookie. The Queen received her first dog, Susan, on her 18th birthday. The last Corgi descended from Susan passed away in 2018. Whisky, Sherry, Sugar, Myth, Mint, Buzz, Brush, Geordie, Smoky, Dash, Dime, Disco, and Dipper were some of the Queen’s pets throughout her life. the years. Diana, Princess of Wales called the queen’s dogs “moving carpets”.

The Queen’s dogs live a luxurious lifestyle, sleeping in their own corgi room with wicker baskets filled with cushions. His diet reportedly consists of fresh rabbit and beef prepared by a gourmet chef. It has now been confirmed that Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, will care for the Queen’s corgis: Muick and Sandy. A spokesman for the Duke of York confirmed that he and his ex-wife, Ferguson, Duchess of York, will care for the dogs that were presented to Queen Elizabeth.