Wife Doesn’t Allow Dad To Meet Baby After He Misses Birth Because He Was Cheating With His Ex

No one wants to feel like they’re second best, especially when they should be someone’s top priority. For one woman on Reddit, she struggled to accept the fact that her husband was still friends with her ex-girlfriend named Anna. Although she didn’t mind her friendship at first, he did something so irreparable to her relationship that she could never trust him again.

It was in August 2020 when her wife was pregnant with her first baby and her husband. She was already past her due date and she was expected to give birth at any moment. However, Anna had called her husband in the middle of the night one night because a terrible accident had occurred involving her brother. The husband immediately ran out the door to be at her side.

When the wife started having contractions in the morning, her husband was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, she arrived at the hospital in time to give birth to a happy and healthy baby girl without her husband appearing in the photo. The wife was so mad at her husband for missing the birth of her child because she had been with her ex that she wouldn’t even let him see her baby until the next day.

Since then, the wife has been struggling to figure out how involved she wants her husband to be in her daughter’s life, and if she still wants to be with him, and she went to Reddit to try to get some answers. . She read on to find out more about what happened with her relationship.