Student Discovers 77-Year-Old Substitute Teacher In California Is Living In His Car

When Steven Nasa noticed his former substitute teacher in California spending a considerable amount of time in his 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX, he suspected the man was having a rough time. Steven’s instincts were correct and the teacher lived in the car to make ends meet.

Steven remembered how Jose once spent his time making sure Steven could get an education. He became determined to help his former teacher in his time of need.

So the former student decided to return the favor and started a fundraising campaign.

Former student raises thousands of dollars for substitute teacher
José Villarruel, a devoted substitute teacher for the Fontana Unified School District in San Bernardino, California, had no choice but to live out of his 1997 coupe for several years to make ends meet.

To make matters worse, California schools closed their doors following the Covid-19 pandemic. This left José with little means of earning money.

“I couldn’t support my family and extended family in Mexico and rent an apartment here at the same time with the income I can have,” José told reporters.

Fortunately for José, his sacrifices did not go unnoticed when Good Samaritan and former student, Steven Nasa, realized that José was living in his car.

Steven turned to the crowdfunding site, GoFundMe, where he started an online campaign to raise money for his former teacher. At the end of the campaign, Steven had more than $27,000 in charitable donations. He presented that gift to José on his 77th birthday.

“I’m still trying to digest the whole experience,” the grateful teacher told reporters. “It’s extraordinary, totally unexpected.”

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“Whoever has mercy on the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay his good deed.” Proverbs 19:17