The Love Story of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Who Don’t Show Off Their Relationship and Have Lived Happily Together Without Marriage for 21 Years

There are plenty of images showing the perfect family life on Enrique Iglesias’ Instagram profile, if you ever find yourself scrolling through it. But if you’ve been a fan of Enrique since before he became famous, you may remember that he wasn’t always like this. His longtime mistress, former professional tennis player Anna Kournikova, has spread false rumors about his marriage and divorce around the world. Their relationship seems to have stood the test of time even though they were never legally married. Unlike many other couples who have walked the red carpet together.

Tennis prowess is what makes Anna Kournikova so well known. She was ranked seventh in the world despite not having won a title on her own. Enrique, on the other hand, captivated the world with his alluring singing voice and handsome looks of his. On the set of Enrique’s “Escape” music video in 2011, the two met for the first time. She played Enrique’s love interest, and the two had been together for 21 years in real life.

They seemed to be a perfect match for each other. Enrique talked about Anna and how simple it was for him to appear so passionate kissing her on camera in a behind-the-scenes piece. He commented, “She is beautiful, talented, and a wonderful tennis player.” “To kiss Anna and try to make her look real, you don’t have to be a skilled actor,” the actor said.

In 2004, there was a report that a secret wedding had taken place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Anna and Enrique supposedly got married during the ceremony. However, it was revealed to People magazine that this was not the case at all. However, Enrique acknowledged in a People interview that his relationship with Anna was “the only serious relationship I’ve ever had.” “The only thing I can say is that in my opinion, Anna would be a perfect mother, whether we are together or not,” he continued.

Enrique revealed that he and Anna divorced a few years after his relationship with the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. “We have a divorce. I don’t mind being alone, so it’s okay that I’m single right now,” he said. The news surprised everyone. However, when Anna revealed to People that she really was joking around, they were somewhat relieved. Five years later, they were still in a very happy relationship.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are still in a romantic relationship now, 20 years later. It was never made clear if they actually got married, but in 2017 they welcomed a set of twins into their family. Their Instagram sites never mentioned their romantic life before the babies entered their lives. The fact that Anna loved her pets and maintained a healthy lifestyle was attested to in her profile. On Enrique’s Instagram, the same dogs appeared alongside numerous images of him performing and posing with fans.

His page still shows no signs of their romantic lives. However, they recently added a third child to the family. Both Anna and Enrique regularly post adorable family movies and images of the kids having fun and laughing with their parents on their Instagram grids and reels.

When asked about keeping their relationship a secret, Harry told Australia’s Today Tonight in 2011 that it wasn’t difficult. “You have to be able to laugh. I have reportedly been married about 28 times and have had children all over the world. I think I have twins in Perth, Australia. You can’t help but laugh at that.

Enrique succinctly clarified his decision to avoid sharing details of his personal life with journalists. When he came home, he said, “I want to make sure something happens in my house.” “It is only for me and my close relatives who are present. i require that.