Devoted husband took make-up lessons for wife who’s going blind

What this man did for his wife who is going blind is the perfect demonstration of true selfless love.

Makeup tutorials have taken YouTube by storm, and videos featuring this type of content are guaranteed hits, gaining hundreds of thousands to millions of views. Everywhere you look on social media, it seems like everyone is doing them or else watching them.

But have you ever seen an older man learning, or even watching, makeup tutorials? If you haven’t, you will now.

Meet Des Monahan, an 84-year-old from Waterford who learns makeup not just for fun, but for a very special reason.

His wife of 56 years, Mona, 83, is beginning to lose her vision. Her left eye has become much worse, which prevents her from doing some things on her own, including applying her own makeup. Also, she can no longer hold things properly because her hands are shaking so much.

Knowing that Mona loved doing her make-up, Des took make-up lessons from a local branch of Debenhams so he could do it himself. Des wants to make sure his lady still feels fabulous despite her impaired eyesight.

It all started when a birthday party arrived and Mona decided to put on makeup for the occasion. That’s when they met makeup artist Rosie O’Driscoll. Des was telling her about Mona’s worsening eyesight while she was doing her makeup when suddenly he snatched the brushes out of her hand and tried to do her wife’s makeup himself. Rosie said Des was “a natural” with the way he held brushes. That’s when Des’s makeup lessons with Rosie began.

His touching gesture caught the attention of Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. His story moved him so much that he told his manager, “I want those two at my master class in London.” So they went, and they met Mario in the flesh

“It is an effort for me to realize how big it was. Makeup, Mario, the Kardashians and stuff. Absolutely nothing in our lives, until now,” Mona said of what happened.

If there’s one thing about makeup that Des and Mona agree on, it’s that “less is more.”

“In no way do I want my lovely Mona to be slapped with things,” Des said during her interview with the BBC.

And that’s because he thinks Mona is lovely just the way she is.

Truly, love is really in the little things. Des and Mona are so lucky to have found their biggest support and friend in each other, and they still are even if they’ve been married for nearly six decades.