Investing in Real Estate – 4 Investment Options

Real estate investment is satisfying and lucrative, when done right. It can help you diversify your investment portfolio as well as generate additional income. Many real estate investments do not require you to deal directly with tenants. Plus, you can buy a property by paying only a fraction of the full price, then paying off … Read more

Four Profit Levers in UK Property Investing

Whenever you buy to rent a residential property for investment purposes, there are only four areas where you can make money which are commonly known as profit levers. This article assumes you are buying with a mortgage like most real estate investors do these days. PROFIT LEVER 1 – DISCOUNT Whenever you buy an investment … Read more

A Beginners Guide to USA Education

Studying in the US is the best way to improve your survival skills. It will improve your social, academic and work opportunities. Therefore, if you are thinking of studying in the USA, keep reading. This article will give you the main reasons why it is a great idea to study in this country. we need … Read more

Who will win the battle for the global dominance of Artificial Intelligence?

The United States currently leads this technology worldwide, but the truth is that China could surpass the American giant in the coming years, due to the ambitious national strategy promoted by the Government of the Asian country, in collaboration. The battle between the great world powers to become a benchmark in the development of Artificial … Read more

customer service is in the hands of artificial intelligence: the difficult balance that chatbots must strike

If they are too intelligent, the consumer will receive them with suspicion, but if they are too inept, they will not like the experience either. More and more companies are putting customer service functions in the hands of artificial intelligence. In fact, the overload on their customer service departments during the pandemic, when many consumers … Read more

Optimized Public Relations: How to use PR to maximize SEO impact

Using SEO in public relations improves search engine rankings and increases website traffic. When we talk about public relations, we generally associate it with benefits such as brand awareness, visibility of the business and products/services, as well as reputation management. However, few know that public relations is no longer just a method of driving earned … Read more

Top Reasons to choose Canada for Study

Canada is arguably the best country for international students to study and settle. In fact, according to the World Bank, it ranks first among Asian countries in attracting international students. And with an average tuition of $3,000 (public), $2,000 (private) per year, you get a quality education for free out of your own pocket. Do … Read more